Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design


  1. Always be conscious of your typography

When you overdo with fonts, your text may look messy and unprofessional. Always use two or three fonts only. Singapore web designer advises to go with handwritten calligraphy with sans serif to cast a professional look.

  1. Less is always more

Know that mess means chaos. Every aspect involved in design must have some significance. It should cast what you are trying to achieve. When it is messy with texts and illustrations, you can kill the gist of the brand.


  1. Underestimate the value of white space

White space enhances readability and draws focus. Using the white space helps you make the most of the website. You don’t need to work on the complete grid by adding elements to it.

  1. Use comic sans or Papyrus

These font types are unprofessional for designers as it doesn’t have a professional look as well. Comic sans has never been used as a regular font. It was only used for putting text in cartoon speech balloons.

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