How Yubo Creates a Safe Space for Gen Z

Launched in 2015, the live stream app is gaining momentum among Gen Z, increasingly advocating for a safer online experience.

Yubo wants Gen Z users to feel they belong here and can stay safe as they express who they are and explore the world around them.

See how Yubo is making it happen.

Enforcing Age Verification Rules

The platform functions around separate age-based communities. These allow people in each age group to engage with similar ages. Much older and younger users can’t see or interact with them on the platform.

Yubo has deployed advanced AI age-verification technology and reportedly enforce it. It matches the child’s picture to the age they state and requires additional verification if the technology doesn’t believe they match.

Protecting Gen Z User’s Location

Yubo recognizes the importance of a company knowing where its users are. But they also see how this information can be misused — especially when underage individuals are involved.

For these reasons, they’ve added some interesting, safe space features like:

  • Asking the user if they want to “Hide your city” and explain why it may be safer.
  • Extra safeguards to keep users from sharing their location on the platform
  • Allowing users to choose to make their profiles unfindable by identifiers like a phone number
  • Issuing popup alerts with educational information when the platform identifies someone about to do something risky
  • Not allowing third parties to target Gen Z with ads on the free version. Instead, they offer greater visibility and features for people who want to pay for a subscription.

Real-time Monitoring and Intervention

As a company dedicated to Gen Z safety, Yubo has invested in in-house employees who monitor the profiles, live videos, and live chats. Their goal is to make sure people follow the company’s many guidelines.

If they identify a violation, they don’t wait. They intervene and stop the session.

Human moderators are supported by AI that helps them focus their efforts on where they can do the most for safety — since they can’t be everywhere at once.

Active Work with Non-Profit Child Safety Groups

The platform recognizes that companies and individuals need to work together to solve the real problems facing Gen Z today. To that end, they’re working with government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations to detect and manage potentially unsafe content and activities.

Some of their partners include familiar names like:

  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (US)
  • Internet Watch Foundation (UK)
  • National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children (UK)
  • Point de Contact (France)
  • Thorn (US)
  • Cyberbullying Research Center
  • Good Thinking
  • Switchboard
  • The Diana Award
  • The Trevor Project
  • e-Enfance

In Australia and France, Yubo also works directly with government agencies and regularly runs initiatives with them on the platform.

Despite the platform’s overwhelming growth, they’re committed to continuing these efforts and adapting to the needs of their users to have a safe space to hang out.

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