Is BaaS a Good Choice for Project? 

Considering the above line BaaS fits perfectly and the advantage of the BaaS model is enough ready-made SDKs & APIs. A perfect solution for a startup, doesn’t it sounds cool?

The main work for a startup company is to find a product market where it fits. This is an incalculable procedure with lots of mistakes. The only to speculate is to experiment by testing hypotheses and releasing MVPs. Since each failure test is a money loss, it is important for a startup company to reduce the cost of each failure try.

With its out-of-the-box solutions, a startup saves no. of hours and money on software development. It can use the saved supplies to study the market, look for investments and develop the business side. And if again the try isn’t passing, the money will not be so big for the company.

Some of the examples of applications that can be built with the help of BaaS. The common factor of these applications is their average functionality. Its structure can be bought from a BaaS retailer and then bespoke by a developer according to your needs.

On-demand services: transportation (ola and uber), food delivery, different types of marketplaces like services, real estate, freelance, e-commerce. Functionality: customer profiles& vendors, set down of goods and services, in-app search, favorites, shopping cart, the geolocation, paying & delivery.

 Social networking & real-time messengers like Tinder, Whatsapp, telegram. Functionality like user account, chat with file sharing, video & audio calling, in-app search with different criteria,

E-commerce apps, online shops (amazon, brand shops). Functionality: advanced search, in-app messenger buyer-seller/buyer-support service, customer rates, shopping cart, delivery options, checkout, reviews. Productivity apps (Grammarly, OneNote, todoist). Functionality, to-do lists, ticket creation advanced search, note sharing, comments, attachments, files, documents

Think Twice

Keeping in mind that the BaaS model offers ready-made solutions for implementing average functionality instead of coding it from the beginning. This is an indisputable benefit, but there are some business models where the BaaS model might not be a perfect fit.

Building a complicated software solution may be impossible using ready-made solutions from a BaaS vendor. Besides, such apps require huge amounts of supplies, and it might be cheaper for you to hire your backend & DevOps team instead of using the operational capacity of a third-party vendor. Of course, a BaaS retailer will take care of security and offer you the solutions. But some projects deal with particularly serious information: like Governmental ones storing the personal data of millions of people, Healthcare ones with sensitive medical records, Banking, insurance, trading apps working with personal finance. These apps cannot bear to store their client’s data with a third-party provider. Because of this, for them, it is preferable to construct and manage their infrastructure on their own.

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