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List of Devices to Make Your Home Smarter

In today’s world of futuristic technological advancements where we have the smartest innovations and ultra-fast machinery, our lifestyle has changed drastically. Now we always look forward to connecting our houses to the smartest technology available to us. This not only facilitates our daily life, but also provides us with a sense of development. And ever since the internet has boomed and has reached us, our interests, behavioural orientations, and standard of living have changed.

The advent of Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies has made our life smooth and easier. Today, we can control a myriad of things with just a tap on our phones. Isn’t it? Whether it is smart television, highly advanced computers, 360 cameras, smart refrigerators, or smart kitchen utensils, all of these intelligent devices improve efficiency and make our homes smarter. Here, we put together a list of devices that would surely set up your smart home.

Smart Doorbells

It’s time to get rid of those loud electric buzzers and get a smart doorbell installed at your main gate. Even the days of musical chimes are over. Just download the smart doorbell app on your phone and you are all set to control it with the click of a button. These doorbells also have an in-built microphone and camera that allow you to watch and talk to the visitor.

Smart Speaker

Set the mood right in your house with a smart speaker. Just connect it to your phone and command anything to get it done. Call your loved ones without holding your phone, set reminders, get assistance, and of course, play your favourite music. You can also converse with the search assistant and search for anything on the internet. Google Home, Apple HomePod, and Amazon Echo are some of the most popular smart speakers you can go with.

Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Safety is also an important concern in our lives as we always wish to keep our family and house safe. With the help of indoor and outdoor security cameras, you can always keep a check on what’s happening in your house as well as your surroundings. Smart security cameras like Airtel CCTV cameras come with highly advanced features that allow you to keep your house safe from thefts, crimes, burglary, or any other kind of intrusion.

These cameras are well-designed with zero to minimum blind spots and offer HD video recording, two-way audio capabilities, motion detection, Wi-Fi connectivity, night vision, cloud storage, and a lot more.

Smart Thermostats

Also known as connected thermostats, smart thermostats help you set automated cooling and heating schedules based on your needs and weather conditions. They make for the perfect choice to adjust the temperature of your house. As most of them have Wi-Fi support, you can connect it to your phone and control it from anywhere in the house. So, get it and control the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation of your house in style.

Smart Plugs

You need not get up from your couch to switch off the lights and fan or turn on the AC. With Wi-Fi enabled smart plugs, you can automate the wired devices in your house and control the flow of electricity to the device through your phone. Isn’t that what you have always wanted? Undoubtedly, yes!

Other smart devices to make your home smarter include smart light bulbs, smart water monitors to keep a check on water leakage, smart smoke detectors, smart lock systems, etc.

Well, we are certain that with so many options at your disposal, you will make the right choice to make your house smarter than ever before!

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