Matt Davies Stockton Discovers Web Services That Are Right for Your Business


According to Matt Davies Stockton, modern web services developed for businesses have made it possible to reduce kinks in business operations, improve collaboration between employees, offer better customer satisfaction, and more. However, not all web services are created equal, and it is definitely not a good idea to use anything but the best if you want to fuel the growth of your business.

The Websites

Here are some of the best web services for businesses:

  1. HubSpot – HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer support. It can be used as CMS and integrated with other business apps to improve its functionality. Its key features include list segmentation, content A/B testing, automated CRM database, paid ads tracking, automated workflows, email analytics, and more.

As a result, it is one of the best online tools that you can use for social media marketing, attracting visitors, search engine optimization, web analytics, content management, and more. HubSpot supports a freemium model with paid plans starting from $45/month that unlocks more tools that help to manage things better.

  1. Google Analytics – It is crucial to monitor, analyze, and gain critical insight into your website traffic if you want to understand how your SEO efforts are playing off. Google Analytics is undoubtedly one of the most popular online web services that you can utilize to keep track of the performance of your website and understand why some web pages are performing better or worse than the rest. The primary reason is that the service is offered by the search engine giant Google.

The free version of the web service is plenty powerful and offers support for custom visitor segmentation and funnel visualization so that you can gain a high-level overview of the traffic of your website.

  1. Asana – Asana is one of the best web services that allow businesses to track the work of different teams and monitor the progress of different projects. It is great if you love text-based checklists but suitable if you like visual dashboard charts too. Some of the key features of Asana include a workflow builder, customization dashboard, automated reports, automation tools, group discussions, and more.

Plus, you can easily integrate it with other services such as Google Drive, MailChimp, Evernote, Slack, and more.

  1. Slack – Slack is one of the best web services for project management since it combines the features of consumer chat apps with technical tools for business communication. Its key features include voice and video call support, limited-access channels, configurable notifications, integrations, private discussions, and more.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests you consider using the web services listed above to streamline business operations, gain important insight and information about your website traffic to improve SEO goals, or just improve employee collaboration, and productivity. These web services are simple to use and pay for themselves in the long term. It is likely that your IT employees are already familiar with most of the web services listed which can make training pretty easy too.

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