The surprising truth about Xfinity Internet

Those who have Xfinity Internet always say good things about the same. Xfinity Internet has many benefits for its users, like it offers a reliable service, wide availability, and many bonding options are available with Xfinity Internet. Despite the availability of a massive number of options and fibre Internet services, the unfortunate part with regards to Xfinity Internet is that the fibre service is available in the highest year package of the Internet plan. It is pretty costly for an average household to be able to afford. Thus, if you live in a a location where the fibre plan is available,, it would be advisable not to opt for the fibre plan just yet. Over time with the increase in the area of the fibre plan, there is a chance that the prices may reduce and become more affordable.

Currently, Xfinity offers seven different Internet plans that start from as low rates as $30 per month. The download speeds start from 25 MBPS and go all the way up to 2000 Mbps. The 2000 MBPS one is available only in the Gigabit pro plan. However, in case of the cable Internet connections, customers can avail Internet speeds from 25 MBPS all the way to 1000 MBPS.

Xfinity wifi internet does put a data cap on the amount of Internet that the users can use. However, the cap is generally put on one TV of data. Suppose you are an average household requiring an average level of Internet connection. In that case, you need not worry yourself about the data cap at all. Even if you are someone who plays online games 24/7, this light playing online games for 30 days, you will still have data enough to watch an entire season of your favourite TV show. Therefore, for most people, the data cap is not a factor.

How to determine which Xfinity plan is the best for your household?

  • You can go for the performance starter plan if you are a single user. It can support up to five devices.
  • If your family has two users, you should opt for the performance select plan. It can support up to eight devices.
  • If you are a household with three users, you should go for performance pro plan. It can support up to 10 devices.
  • If your household has four users, you should go for the blast pro plan. This plan can support up to 12 devices.
  • If your household has five users, you should opt for extreme pro. This plan can support up to 15 devices.
  • If your household has over five users, you should go for Gigabit. This can support up to 20 devices.
  • If your household has over ten members, you should go for Gigabit pro. This can support up to 30 devices.

The speed of Xfinity Internet

According to the latest report that has been released by the Federal Communications Commission, Xfinity passed the 80 benchmark. This means that over 80% of Xfinity Internet customers receive the advertised Internet speed. Even if you compare Xfinity with the other Internet service providers in terms of reliability, you will notice that Xfinity easily beats most of the others in the game.

Currently, Xfinity Internet is available in 40 states of the USA. In almost every state that Xfinity services are available, its customers have chosen it as the most reliable option.

The only unfortunate part about Xfinity Internet is that the fibre service is available in very selective cities right now. Xfinity chooses not to focus on a specific region. They instead try to provide coverage all over the country. Currently, Xfinity is the Internet service provider that is most widely available. The coverage of Xfinity Internet is around 36% of the nation of USA. In terms of availability, Xfinity has beaten spectrum and Cox.

Another reason you should choose Xfinity Internet over all others

The equipment of Xfinity Internet is unmatched to date. The xFI gateway of Xfinity Internet is one of the most intelligent and secure once currently available in the Internet industry. It also combines the router and traditional modem in one device and has some serious security features which are bound to keep you protected when you are surfing online. Currently, there is the availability of advanced security that can be added to your plan as an add on by paying$14 a month.

You can also choose not to use Xfinity Internet equipment if your own equipment is compatible with the connection type. Depending on the connection that you have chosen for yourself, you may need a high-end modem. You can either buy a modem for yourself or use the one that Xfinity provides. This option is up to you. In terms of installation, users can either choose self-installation or go for company installation.

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