Why Girls Simply Love Makeover Games

I don’t know if one would be happy to find their daughters in front of the computer every time one will look for her. You might say that this is an exaggeration but this is true and for sure, a lot of mothers can relate to this. Most of the time, you will catch your daughters playing makeover or dress up games online. There are so many games like these online actually and you might not know where to find them, but for sure, your kids do. They are updated where to find the games they love.

One of the providers of online games is the online juegos friv makeover games for girls. Makeover games are not the only games you can find in friv site. Instead, you will find that they have all the categories when it comes to online games such as time management games, educational, sports, board games and still a lot more. In fact, even adults can enjoy friv games like the Plants VS Zombies or the Dinner Dash and still a lot more. You will never be bored again if you know where to find the best online games.

But first of all, what are the reasons for girls to really love makeover games?

  • The fact that they have control of the situation. Yes, this is probably the most important reason. Girls would have loved to dress-up themselves but sometimes, because of the limited options when it comes to dresses and shows, they just end up doing it online.
  • They imagine that the girl in the game can be them. Yes, this is really true. Girls will envision the character as themselves thus they end up using what they would have chosen. They will choose the color of hair they want for themselves as well as the shoes and the kind of dress.
  • They simply love the fact that they have the power to make one beautiful. Just like a hair stylist who has the capability to make one beautiful and will be contented with his creation.

So, if you always find your girl in front of a computer dressing up a cartoon character, you should just understand as there are even times when adults enjoy games like this. It is just a good thing that you can find a number of makeover and dress-up games from friv games.


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