Yubo Offers Inspirational New Features, Promises Enhanced Online User Safety

Social media has taken on a new life in recent years. Spurred on by the connectivity of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are taking their interests to the World Wide Web. While new platforms rise up and fall seemingly overnight, others march steadfastly forward while making huge improvements along the way.

Yubo is a live social media platform founded in France in 2015. Built to give its Gen Z users a safe space to connect while engaging with video and audio streaming, Yubo would quickly grow into a company navigating more than 140 countries around the world. Equipped with 60 million users and counting, Yubo has made some serious improvements to a platform that puts a serious spotlight on user safety.

Let’s look at how Yubo is pioneering safety in social media while offering something new and exciting for its young users.

Cutting Edge Technology

First and foremost, Yubo prides itself on utilizing best-in-class technology for the social media space. Yubo works directly with the team at Hive in order to develop a true live moderating platform that can parse audio, transcribe it, and have it analyzed for potential violations and harm. This system quickly scans live-streaming content in order to look for violations. If detection is found, that info is forwarded to a living Safety Specialist. It is their job to decide whether or not they have received a false positive.

The system, powered by Hive, detects content about self-harm and violence, providing a pivotal beat of support in a potential moment. The system gives its Gen Z users a reason to be comfortable no matter when or what (appropriately) they are streaming.

Along the way, Yubo also empowers its audience to create a profile that gives legs so that it can be seen by those with mutual passions. Yubo gives users a chance to embed passions and interests into the user profile, which are then added to the hash database, making it easier to discover other like-minded users.

Creating a Safer Online Experience

To further double down on the cutting-edge technology of Yubo, the team at Yubo partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in a five-year partnership. The partnership utilizes NCMEC’s “Take it Down” service to help minors and adults remove non-consensual content from databases.

Users provide the NCMEC with a digital hash of the problematic content. That hash is then provided to participating platforms, such as Yubo, where their database is then scanned for any match. All exact matches are deleted and removed from the platform, giving some sense of safety to those who have fallen victim to non-consensual images spreading.

Understanding the importance of the Take It Down system, Yubo CEO Sacha Lazimis stated, “Take It Down’ serves as an added layer of safety and protection for the teens and young adults socializing on Yubo.”

Rounding out its series of safety and comfort features, Yubo gives users access to the Muted Words feature. The Muted Word feature gives Yubo users a chance to pick specific words, phrases, and emoji that they do not want to see. These problematic targets are then filtered from the view of the Yubo user. Individuals who want to avoid certain content for their mental well-being are able to quickly and carefully take control of their online space.

Ultimately, Yubo continues to grow with a focus on giving users the chance to enjoy a safe and convenient online live-streaming platform.

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