10 Xiaomi Smart Devices Mi Fans Are Awaiting to See in India

Xiaomi is a one-of-its-kind tech creator that has gone past dispatching cell phones and tablets. It has thought of a whole arrangement of Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets that are truly fascinating. The Chinese maker has propelled numerous gadgets from a 4K-proficient Mi automaton to a savvy pot. These are brilliant gadgets that can be helpful to any individual. Xiaomi has brought a mammoth jump with more than 55 new businesses of which 29 were brooded by it.

Be that as it may, Xiaomi fans in India are not having the benefit to appreciate utilizing these IoT gadgets as none of these are accessible in the nation. Of late, Hugo Barra, the Xiaomi VP expressed that the brilliant gadgets are not dispatched in India as these are not suited for the business sector. Strikingly, Xiaomi wants to present the items step by step in India.

Following are a few devices enlisted which are yet to be introduced in the Indian market but are much awaited. These smart devices from Xiaomi are truly an extraordinary invention after Redmi Note 3.

  1. MIJIA portable Mosquito repeller– This device costs less than INR 300. This device can be charged with apower bank and produces no sound.

  1. Mi Kettle- Ideal for boiling water or brewing tea, this device uses a smartphone to run. It is priced INR 2000.

  1. Mi Water purifier- This device is priced at INR 13, 200 and uses RO process to purify water. Again, run by a smartphone.

  1. Xiaomi Toothbrush– The Xiaomi toothbrush called Soocare X3 is priced atRs 2,300 and it uses magnetic acoustic suspension motor and provides deep cleaning as well. It is waterproof and has a care sensitive brush head.

  1. Ninebot Mini-TheNinebot Mini from Xiaomi is the right thing to travel short distances instead of walking. It is a self-balancing scooter that can travel at a maximum speed of 16 km/h. It can go up to 22 km on a single charge.

  1. Li-Ning Smart Shoes– This is a pair of shoes that can be connected to your smartphone. Xiaomi and Li-Ning teamed up to develop a range of smart shoes that will be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth. With the help of a sensor fitted in the sole, it can track the number of steps taken, the calories burnt, and other fitness related data.

  1. Mi Air purifier 2

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 with Clean Air Delivery Rate is said to be capable of removing up to 99.7 percent of the impure particles in theair in a shorter duration of less than one hour. This is the second generation Air Purifier from Xiaomi and it is priced atRs 7,200.

  1. Mi Rice cooker– Xiaomi’s cooker uses electromagnetic heating technology along with a magnetic relief valve to control the internal pressure. The cooker can scan the pack of rice and recognize the type of rice and adjust the cooking methodology automatically.

  1. Yeelight bedside Lamp– This is a bedside lamp that was developed by Yeelight that can control the lamp using a smartphone and it boasts 16 million colours. It can be controlled using gestures to adjust the brightness, change colours, and switch it on or off.

  1. Mi Drone– Xiaomi’s 4 K-capable dronesare priced around Rs 30,700. Xiaomi and Flymi developed this drone and it is a quadcopter with huge 5,100 mAh battery. This drone also features flight assistance systems, GPS tracking, and 4K video recording.


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