Find And Connect Computer Restart Problem

In case your computer is getting automatic restart problem and you don’t know why, you are well on the best page. In the following paragraphs I will assist you to trobleshoot and fix your computer restart problem and we’ll try to look for and connect your computer for automatic restart issue.

There might be two major odds behind this PC restart issue.

1. Hardware Problem.

2. Software Problem.

It’s learnt by experience that, whenever computer got restart problem majority was due to software issues. So before we doubt on any recently installed hardware or peripheral device, let us look for any possible hardware issue.

Ask oneself, have you ever installed any software lately then your computer has been restarted accidentally anytime? If that’s the case, try getting rid of that recently installed software. Should you haven’t installed any software lately, then doubt procedes to trojan. About 90 percents laptop or computer issues happened just due to virus infection. So, if you feel your pc may be infected by virus attack, you should think about full format of PC rather than installing anti-virus only, because generally, cleaning infections by using anti-virus software on infected PC don’t help. What exactly I am talking about here by full format is

a. Format the body drive and re-install your Operating-system.

b. Install your hardware motorists,

c. Prior to doing other things, install latest anti-virus software increase it. Run full scan of the pc and take away any infections found.

d. Install other necessary software.

It should be enough to resolve your pc restart problem whether it was because of software issues. When the problem remains unsolved, then doubt procedes to hardware issues.

Again ask oneself, have you ever installed any new hardware like CD drive, RAM, Extra Hard Disk, PCI Card? If that’s the case, simply take it off as well as your problem may be resolved. Should you not have access to installed any hardware and restart concern is still not fixed with above pointed out method, you will find likelihood of faulty hardware issues.

You might try changing following hardware one at a time together with your friend or family who is able to allow you to allow having fun with his PC. So that you can find faulty hardware oneself and may save service charges laptop or computer hardware talking to person. You might simply purchase that tool and replace oneself.

1. To begin with replace your RAM.

2. In case your RAM is alright, replace SMPS (Power).

3. Then try changing CD/DVD Drive, Hard Disk, and CPU Fan one at a time.

4. If everything appears to become OK, final doubt procedes to processor or mother board. If you’re not able to replace it all together with your friend or family, you’re ready to consult computing devices engineer. Make sure you simply tell him about all above procedure your did in order to save cost and time.

Hope this short article may resolve your computer Restart issues. Your feedback and comments by yourself computer troubleshooting are greatly appreciated.

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