Gadgets to get Your Game on

When we think of electronic gadgets we usually picture

Accessories used around the home, such as computerized thermostats, security features, and games. There’s another type of games where gadgets are becoming popular though, and that’s in the field of sports. Here’s a look at various ways electronic gadgets are impacting different sports:

Crossfit type accessories are helping all types of athletes track their progress. The grownup version of the traditional pedometer, these new gadgets are usually worn on the wrist and can track steps, time, calories burned, heart rate, and other aspects of your daily workout. This is an excellent choice for walkers and runners as well as bike riders and those who prefer to do their work out at the gym.

Many team players are utilizing gadgets to keep track of their stats. Basketball, baseball, football, and soccer have all benefited from the use of electronics because the individual players can pinpoint problem areas and focus on developing their talents. They can also track the progress they’re making, which keeps the motivation up.

Hunters are loving GPS units because they have less chance of getting lost in the wilds, and trail cameras are all the rage because they allow hunters to pinpoint what time of game passes on their trail, the time the animal went through, and whether they’re making a habit of using the trail at specific times of the day or night.

Fishermen are getting hooked on electronic gadgets, too. GPS units were once only used to avoid hazards in the water while boating; now they can zero in on a school of fish and even simulate fish feeding. Communication devices are state of the art, and it’s now uncommon for a boater to get lost on the water because she can use her navigational device to return safely to home port.

As you see, gadgets are all over the place when it comes to getting your game on. Whether you walk, run, or play on a team we’re betting you use a gadget or two yourself.  How do you use electronics in your personal routine?

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