Get the facts: How Much is An Apple iPhone XR Worth?

Since the invention of the iPhone, Apple fans across the world have paid premium amounts in order to access the latest and greatest models. While many people may be excited to wait in queues all night in order to become one of the first people in their city to own the latest Apple invention, this usually means that they pay unnecessarily high costs. Once the phone is out of the box, it immediately starts to lose its value.

If you are thinking about selling your iPhone XR, here’s how much it may be worth, and what factors might affect its value.

How much is an iPhone XR worth?

A brand-new iPhone XR may sell for upwards of £500. However, once it is taken out of the box and used, the value drops instantly. The value will also depend on how it is used and how old it is.

If you are thinking about selling your old iPhone XR so that you can upgrade it to a newer model, there are a number of different online stores that will buy your old phone so they can sell it on as a Refurbished iPhone XR.

An iPhone XR that is in near perfect condition and is relatively new may be worth upwards of £240. However, if it is old, broken or not working, it may only fetch £40.

What factors affect how much an iPhone XR is worth?

Condition of the phone: We all drop our phones from time to time, and this can lead to dents, abrasions, and cracks. If your iPhone has a lot of scratches or cracks, this may significantly decrease how much it’s worth. However, if you have taken good care of it, the price may not be affected.

Storage size: Phones come in a wide array of different storage sizes. Some only have 8GB of data, while others may have a whopping 512GB of storage. If you have opted for a phone with a small amount of storage, such as 64 GB, the price will be significantly lower than a phone with a large amount of storage like 256 GB.

Age of the phone: The value of an iPhone decreases by around 41% in a year, and by up to 60% in two years. If you have decided to change your phone after two years, it may only be worth half of what you paid for it.

The network carrier: If your phone is still contracted to a specific carrier, this may reduce its value.

If you are thinking about selling your iPhone XR, it is best to do it sooner rather than later if you want to earn as much money as possible.

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