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Is Yubo A Dating App? How Yubo Makes Friendship Easier Than Ever.

The internet has become the new town square, so many of us socialize through various social media platforms. Over the years, many platforms have come to the forefront of the digital conversation, but only some are doing what the team at Yubo has done.

Yubo was established in 2015 to offer Generation Z users a chance to connect in a safe area where friendship is paramount above all. Despite the Tinder-like appearance and swiping features, Yubo focuses entirely on nurturing friendships and fostering genuine connections.

Yubo is NOT a dating app, but it offers services to help users create genuine friendships that can continue throughout the years.

Online Safety Concerns

Yubo firmly believes that the platform is meant for use as a social media platform only, not one for dating. Connecting with individuals can be as exciting as fun, and Yubo tries to foster a sense of awareness for all its users.

Yubo advocates that its users be mindful when approaching or contacting one another online. They also suggest that all users keep their personal information private, including first and last names and phone numbers.

To help further protect users of the Yubo platform, the developers at Yubo have automatically disabled location services that can put young people at risk.

To help its base of Gen Z users stay comfortable throughout their use of the application, Yubo has installed a robust series of reporting tools that give users the ability to upload and submit multiple media files.

How Yubo Addresses Making Friends In a Digital Environment

Considered an online platform for making friends, Yubo works tirelessly to integrate technological advancements into its day-to-day activities. Yubo relies on a best-in-class system of moderation tools, including real-time audio and video moderating, provided by live Human Safety Specialists.

When users connect, they can do so in live-streamed services, online gaming, and multi-chat settings. Users can rest easy knowing that the platform is secured by Human Safety Specialists, age-gating techniques, and guidance by members of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

According to Yubo, nearly 95% of all users belong to Generation Z. With a focus on real-time moderation and a preponderance of live-streaming options, Gen Z users have found Yubo an increasingly handy spot to hang out with one another.

Yubo was founded by Sacha Lazimi, Arthur Patora, and Jeremie Aouate in 2015. The three classmates wanted to eliminate traditional social media metrics, like follower counts, to make a more natural platform where users can embrace their authenticity.

Yubo states, “Everyone should be able to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves, online or offline.”

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